Electronic Media:

Electronic forms of media such as the television and the radio are more expressive means of mass marketing, reaching out to both the educated as well as the less educated customers. Though a form of electronic media as a different borderline  from  press  advertisement and  outdoor publicity.  The precise reason why, the expert advertisers at JM Advertising Services (JMAS) have.

Advertising agencies that we work with: 

  • Brainchild Communications (Pvt.) Limited
  • Future Vision Advertising (Pvt.) Limited
  • PakMedia Com Advertising
  • Marshal Advertising
  • Starcom Media Vest
  • Media Shop Advertising
  • Velocity Marketing & Communications
  • Interflow Advertising (Pvt.) Limited
  • Orient Advertising Limited
  • Orient Mccann Pakistan
  • Brand Partnership
  • Red Communications (Pvt.) Limited

Outdoor Advertising (OOH):  

Outdoor publicity looks at an audience, which is more diverse yet approachable. The challenge is to place messages and graphics customized to the specific outdoors environment. Visually comforting, appealing and necessity-driven are some of the underlying canons of publicity that JM Advertising Services (JMAS) uses while generating outdoor publicity for your products. JM Advertising Services (JMAS) is involved in creating.​



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Graphic Designing:
At JM Advertising, we have realized the very significance of graphic art in marketing and advertising and therefore initiated to launch our graphic designing studio which is staffed by best graphic designers.

Some of the services rendered by this unit include:

  • Design of logo and logotype.
  • Design of stationary sets.
  • Design of posters, catalogues and brochures.
  • Design of promotional outdoor boards.
  • Graphic design of internet and web pages.
  • Design of brand book and image.
  • Formatting of publications.
  • Design of exhibition directories.

Advertising Services (JMAS) will set your business at the right place, through one of the most-effective way to reach your target audience, which is also one of the most expensive investments. We will find the most excellent exhibition suitable for you, whether it’s in your local market or other markets, after an analysis of the specific market and deep.

Jm Advertising Services is solution to all of your advertising and branding needs in Afghanistan. Since last ten years we have done branding works of the leading clients around the world. Our expertise are television, cable, print, radio and outdoor advertising.

We have done work for:

  • Nestle
  • Emirates Airlines 
  • Moneygram

Print Media Advertising:
Press advertisements reach out to large groups of audience, including the active as well as the passive types of customers. A specialized approach is required for developing press advertisements if they have to make contact with distinct types of customers. Yes, JM Advertising Services (JMAS) can make this larger effort a finer and closer experience for your customers and helping them.​